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Before you go, let us address the 3 most frequently asked questions our customer support gets asked about the VenusWave™, as well as extend an exclusive offer...

*A word from Tim and Hailey Maddox, founders of the VenusWave™

Hi friend! Welcome to the VenusWave™ family!

Tim and Hailey Maddox here, founders of VenusWave™. We wanted to personally thank you for supporting our family-owned company, and give you a hearty welcome into the VenusWave™ family!

We'll keep this brief, but in order to best serve you and set some expectations, we wanted to answer the 3 most frequently asked questions brought to our support team, and give you a free gift we have for first time customers...More on the gift in a sec, but first the FAQ's.

Let's hop right in. Here are the 3 questions we get asked the most...

FAQ #1: "Will I receive my order in the time frames shown on your site, given the shipping delays most packages are experiencing due to the pandemic?"

ANSWER: Yes! The COVID-19 pandemic has NOT had any impact on our company as we are 100% based in the USA. The VenusWave™ is made and fulfilled here in the US. Nothing we sell comes from China or overseas. We ship via USPS and FedEx, and our average delivery time is under 2 weeks to all lower 48 states. If you selected "Priority" shipping at checkout, you will receive your order in less than a week.

FAQ #2: "I received my VenusWave™, but not the free VenusFrizzr™... How come?"

ANSWER: The FREE Frizzr often offered in the Deal-Of-The-Day ships separately from the VenusWave™. Please don't worry! You WILL be receiving your Frizzr very shortly. They usually arrive within a few days of each other. This goes for all items you may have purchased. Every item ships individually (in most cases), so please be patient as we work to get your entire order out to you in a timely manner.

FAQ #3: "Do you guys have other products you sell, or is it just the VenusWave?"

ANSWER: Yes! We do have other complimentary products we well along side of the Wave. They can be found at
our online shop.

So there we have it! The 3 most commonly asked questions answered for you. And now for the FREE Gift we have for first time customers... which means YOU!

This is a TRULY exclusive opportunity we've created for you to get
each of our product sets at a whopping 20% off!



So, for the next 3 DAYS ONLY, you can get 20% off any of the product sets found at 
our online shop by using this coupon code at checkout:


Remember, this is exclusively for new customers, and for the next 3 DAYS ONLY.

Happy Shopping :)

Tim and Hailey Maddox, founders of VenusWave™

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"Our commitment to service is what sets us apart from all our competitors because a satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all."

VenusWave is a growing family owned tech company specializing in innovative beauty products.

Our passion for creating, designing and family is how our vision turned into a company. Our journey began in Dallas, TX in 2006 with a mission in mind—a mission to remain true to the cornerstone of a family owned business and work together as a family who passionately enjoys doing what they love.

We believe our fundamental priority is to create trust, build relationships and deliver the most innovative and effective products for our customers!

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