Thank You For Your Purchase, And Welcome To The HopeBag™ Family!

Thank You For Your Purchase, And Welcome To The HopeBag™ Family!

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Before you go, let us address the 3 most frequently asked questions our customer support gets asked about the HopeBag™, as well as extend an exclusive offer...

*A word from Adam and Jevanna Cherrington, founders of HopeBag™ Co.

Hi friend! Welcome to the HopeBag™ family!

Adam and Jevanna Cherrington here, founders of HopeBag™ Co. We wanted to personally thank you for supporting our family-owned company, and give you a hearty welcome into the HopeBag™ family!

We'll keep this brief, but in order to best serve you and set some expectations, we wanted to answer the 3 most frequently asked questions brought to our support team.

Let's hop right in. Here are the 3 questions we get asked the most...

FAQ #1: "Will I receive my order in the time frames shown on your site, given the shipping delays most packages are experiencing due to the pandemic?"

ANSWER: Yes! The COVID-19 pandemic has NOT had any impact on our company as we are 100% based in the USA. The HopeBag™ is fulfilled here in the US. Nothing we sell ships from China or overseas. We ship via FedEx, and our average delivery time is 2 - 3 weeks to all lower 48 states.

FAQ #2: "Why does it take 2 - 3 weeks to receive my HopeBag? I'm used to next-day Amazon deliveries..."

ANSWER: We are diligently working with our manufacturer to shorten the delivery time significantly (and even make next-day delivery an option), but since we are a small, family-owned company, the costs associated with those faster shipping times quite frankly aren't sustainable for us. Rest assured however, that you will receive your bag within that 2 - 3 week window as we've had a 100% delivery rate since opening our doors. 

FAQ #3: "I received my HopeBag™, but not the additional items I ordered... How come?"

ANSWER: The additional mama products sold at the time of purchasing your HopeBag™ (such as teethers, bibs, and pacifiers) ship separately from the HopeBag™. Please don't worry! You WILL be receiving any additional purchases very shortly. They usually arrive within a few days of each other. Thank you for your patience as we work to get your entire order out to you in a timely manner.

So there we have it! The 3 most commonly asked questions answered for you.

We thank you again for supporting our company! We know you're going to absolutely FLIP once you get your hands on your  HopeBag™ in just a couple weeks!!

- Adam and Jevanna Cherrington, founders of HopeBag™ Co.

“It gives me hope every time I see it!”

- Jamie Lyn W.

“I love that it can be worn as a backpack!”

- Priscilla M.

“There's just so much beautiful detail!”

- Julianne N.

“This thing is big enough for my 3 kiddos!”

- Katie K.

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Did you know the average adoption in the US costs $30,000? Pretty steep. That's why HopeBag™ Co. is donating 10% of all revenues generated to families going through this costly process. 

That's significant.